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Re: here's the links, sorry forgot...

Interesting. The first one sounds like a cheaper accordion, but is lower pitched.

The second one seems higher pitched, but has another depth to it also.

Re: Re: here's the links, sorry forgot...

Ok, now that I've looked at the answer....

Seems like the first one sounded "reedier" to me, even though it was deeper. There seemed to be a background buzz I didn't like.

The second one, though higher pitched, still seemed to have a solidity to it.

Now, I wouldn't mind a lower pitched solid sound. What do I have to do, but bincis on alternating banks?

keep in mind

I recorded these both with a simple microphone into my computer. Not very good recordings.

The Martin has a fisty punch, the Acadian reminds me of sharp knives. Maybe a bad analogy?

The tuning technique is especially what makes the sound no matter what reeds are in an accordion or so I've found.

The Martin originally had Bincis and had a very similar sound to the Salpas but I find that the Martin sounds better with Salpas to me.

It's wonderful to have a variety of sounds with accordions.

I like #1

I like #1 better, but it's hard to say why exactly. As others have said, maybe it's more dynamic or cuts through better. #2 sounded like there was less dynamic range, and/or thinner.

Kick ass playin' on both!


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