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right on Russ! you go! no head biting from me! green eyes, lighten up

I hear you, Russ. I agree with what you are saying.

I play Cajun tunes on the piano accordion and I can do it quite convincingly, I think. I worked on transferring the licks that I already know and the octaves and doubling that I use on 10 button box. One on the things I am looking for is the right kind of reed setup and tuning. When I find it I would be willing to challenge anyone to tell me that I am NOT playing Cajun music just because the accordion I would be playing has piano keys instead of buttons!

It is more difficult to do alot of the licks that I do on 10 button box and you have to jump around alot and your right hand works a lot harder. The octaves are harder to hit with 100% accuracy. BUT...it is possible to play Cajun style on a piano accordion and that would also apply to Chromatic Button Accordion.

I have heard many, many poor attempts at Cajun style on piano accordion and I think that is what many others hear have heard. And the Gary Dahl book...crapola as far as I am concerned.

I usually don't use piano for Cajun tunes because I have three button boxes and it is much easier to play Cajun music on the 10 button box...that makes sense...that's the instrument it was made on.

You are right...the musician makes the music...not the instrument!

Re: right on Russ! you go! no head biting from me! green eyes, lighten up

I was just telling a friend tonight "I just know Chris Miller is going to have an excellent example of Cajun on a PA and I'm going to have to eat my foot."

Anyone know a seasoning that compliments toenails?

I did cover my butt by saying "I'd not heard anything yet, but would be glad to give a listen to something worthy."

Re: right on Russ! you go! no head biting from me! green eyes, lighten up

Well Chris... my hat is off to ya!
There were many good accordion players on the stage connected to that dream team. You would have to admit that the predominate instrument was the 10 button.

But I have got to tell ya that that Big Blue accordion you sported was the absolute best contribution to the overall sound of that group! It exemplified the master tallent behind the instrument. Chris I am not blowing smoke up your hiney ... I was simply overwhelmed by your tallent on ALL the instruments you played and that big accordion was as good as it get in my estimation.

I get to hear many single and tripple row and piano accordions (and a gob of other instruments) through the mix... but it seems that most accordion players will gravitate to one or the other and make that the instrument of choice for such wizzardry that they master.

Chris Miller you honestly knocked my dang socks off on every thing you touched! I dont mean to say that the others were less for what they played (they were hot also in their right), I am saying that pound for pound in the multi-instrument arena you are the first image in my mind for overall musician that has mastered the sound and feel for many layers and many instruments.

Dave Mason

Re: Re: right on Russ! you go! no head biting from me! green eyes, lighten up

Nonc...humbly trying to digest your kind words. I really had a blast and I know the other guys did too. We had a GREAT time together!

Re: "Authentic" cajun sound discussion on rec.music.makers.squeezebox

Cajun music is played on a 9 or 10 button diatonic accordion. An accordion is not "Cajun" unless it is handcrafted and tuned in Louisiana.

New Orleans

There is some interest in Cajun music, in New Orleans, sure enough. Last Mardi Gras week I traveled from Lafayette to New Orleans with the Lost Bayou Ramblers and the response in N.O. was epic.

Lots of young people really enjoyed their music, it felt good to see people my age interested in the music.

Re: Re: "Authentic" cajun sound discussion on rec.music.makers.squeezebox

Not even East Texas?

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

LFR1.gif - 1092 Bytes The April 2011 Dewey Balfa Cajun & Creole Heritage Week

augusta.gif - 6841 Bytes

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