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Re: Posted a new "Zydeco-esque" accordion lesson/seminar

brilliant work.. as usual.. huge contribution to all of us .. much thanks to Bick Nick and hope to see more Zydeco in the future !


Re: Posted a new "Zydeco-esque" accordion lesson/seminar

a big thanks Nick...hopefully when i hit the intermediate level i can start learning the real tunes on your site...but unfortunately i've only just gotten the wildwood flower down lol it might be awhile...

video problems?

nice work, big.

when i play it though, the video isn;t smooth

it seems to have large gaps where it;s just still

is that normal?


Re: video problems?


Did you try downloading it first instead
of streaming it?

It should play smoothly ..


Re: Re: video problems?

not sure what i was doing
clicked on it
i tried twice, but maybe it was
still streaming the 2nd time too


Re: Posted a new "Zydeco-esque" accordion lesson/seminar

Thank you Big Nick
I am learning the stuff on my Chromatic, the bass stuff is very helpful as well as the tips about bouncing and octaves.

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