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Question about hohner ha114

Does anyone know how many cents wet the ha114 is to start?

Re: Question about hohner ha114

I think it's about 20 cents. I've dry tuned a couple of those and it's amazing how the sound changes from an indistinct blur to an distinct exact tone. The HA 114 sounds actually quite good dry tuned.


Re: Re: Question about hohner ha114

I think I'm gonna get mine 5 cents wet but I'm not sure

Re: Question about hohner ha114

I don't know the exact amount, but the regular HA114's were pretty wet. However, the HA114B, which was created at the request of Marc Savoy, had Cajun standard tuning, AND it was quite dry as well.

That was my very first accordion, and I still use it as my "beater box".


Re: Question about hohner ha114

Slightly off topic , but a question about the hohner 114 C:

What´s the reason for its closed key mechanism?

Re: Re: Question about hohner ha114

I don't know why they do it like that. Maybe it is one of those "that's the way we have always done it" kind of things. When I bought mine, the very first thing I changed was to remove the cover, and covered the flappers with gold mylar tape.


ha114 - covers and flappers

I also removed the cover and tried to cover the flappers with tape, but that didn´t work [:-|.

I think I´ll paint the flappers black. If that does not work I can fix the cover again

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