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Re: who had there accordion tuned 5 cents wet?

Mine is tuned 5 cents wet. I'm not the one in to previous post tho. --Tommee

Re: Re: who had there accordion tuned 5 cents wet?


Can you email me? I'd like to call you if you don't mind and hear if 5 cents is what I'm thinking of. I'm sending a hohner to Jr. Martin to get it tuned slightly wet but I want to be sure 5 cents is what I want.

my email is jfpettijohn1979@yahoo.com

Earth to Jim... this is Nonc Dave re:that 5 cents wet thing

I am not at all sure that you can determine the differance over the telephone. It took someone more tapped into the world of sound to point out that slight wet thing being 5 cents. I am dumber than a box of rocks with such scientific measures and 5 cents is still a nickle and two bits is a quarter that speaks to money for all I know. Ha

While there are many that have had their accordion tuned slightly wet... I noticed it as a differance when I heard Harry Trahan playing on the porch. Ed Poullard and I were off on the side and I asked him about that sound... he said it sounded about 5 cents wet to him. All I can tell ya is that it requires a builder to shave off or add too each of the specific reeds to get that sound. That is all in the magic of tuning that is part of the builder/tunner specialty.

I am not that mechanical re: these contraptions...but while visiting friends over in Berkely (Jude Moreau, Blair, the Michot boys and others etc.) Blair brought out a new accordion which Jude had built and delivered to her.
This accordion was slight wet on the tuning (much like the sound I heard from Mr. Trahans accordion).
That sound to me is captivating and very rich with a ringing that is not the same as a dry tuned accordion . On the other hand it is not fully wet tuned so much like you hear the Zydeco players.

Jim if you don't know the sound that I am speaking about, it may be difficult to distinguish over the phone. I am sure that it can not be replicated over a phone call because it is not a radical variance ... at least to my old goat ears. Ha. It is a resonating ringing that this 5 cent wet tuning produces with all the stops open, that needs to be heard on the spot. Amplified it is a great sound with an external mic. that just grabs ya that much more over the dry tuning.

Bottom Line (no short subject): 5 cents wet either grabs ya when ya hear it ... or it makes ya think it is no big deal over the traditional dry tuning. For me, it was worth having this accordion tuned ... as I now have both a dry tuned C and a 5 cent wet C to compare my likes and dislikes with. The accordion that Jude did his magic with, was one of my prize accordions that was in need of other work beyond just the tuning thing... so there was a solid reason to have the tuning along with the extensive fingerboard work that Jude worked on and corrected for my playing needs. I will tell ya that you may not be able to tell that much on a honer (perhaps you will) as it will will depend on the reeds. My accordion has Antonelli reeds and according to Jude, I can play the snot out of it (talking pressure on the reeds) without fear of breaking any reeds. I would not have known this had Jude not pointed it out to me.. I dont tend to play hard anyways, so that may not ever be an issue ... As for Honer reeds (?) it may pose an issue ... I just dont know ... but a builder would be able to coach you more closely on that subject.

over the phone (I hit enter, sorry! Here's the messege)

I've got a ****ed good ear, if you play it over the phone I could tell, trust me.


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