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Re: 3-row zydeco

Corey Ledet just made a 3-row instructional with Wilson Savoy...check it out.... http://almenapictures.com/coreyledet_inst.html

Re: Re: 3-row zydeco

Think of the 3 row as 3 single rows. Same for the bass side. Start playing just aas you would the single row. Try songs in all three rows. then start going for notes on adjacent rows. A lot of it is just sitting around noodling and experimenting. there are always many ways to get the same notes. Just keep playing and you will find your own cool sounds. I agre that cory Ledets DVD is well worth getting. Also, the Horace Trahan DVD is worth the price of admission just for his version of Zydeco a pas sale on the 3 row. He does it in A flat on an FBE. Bb on a GCF.

Re: 3-row zydeco

Can you play a single row yet? If so, then all you need to do is get in a comforable chair and work at transitioning from one row to the other, playing chords, AND playing different notes on different rows. With a triple row you can now play minors and sevenths which you could not play with a single row. If you have someone who can show you some chords and single key progressions, great. If not, just experiment, make notes of what you've learned, and practice-practice-practice.

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