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Mardi Gras in Hawaii sights and sounds

couple of sights and sounds of Mardi Gras 2006 in Hawaii @ www.bayoucadillacs.com
Aloha from Honolulu and all the best. Meilleurs souhaits a tous.

Re: Mardi Gras in Hawaii sights and sounds

Jean...i'll be in Hawaii in june..i'd like to catch one of ya'll shows...ya'll have a regular gig place?

Re:Bayou Cadillacs, Honolulu/Chad

thnks for the interest. Would love to say hi.
Our booking agent is lining up stuff for us right now. We do mostly special events. Keep in touch w/the website for updates or leave us a contact e-mail address and I'll keep you posted.
what dates in June?
all the best

Re: Re:Bayou Cadillacs, Honolulu/Chad

Aloha Jean-Pierre ~

Mike and I will be on Oahu May 2nd thru 7th. We're staying out in Hau'ula at a beach cottage. Performing anywhere during that time?

Re: Re: Re:Bayou Cadillacs, Honolulu/Joanie Blon and

Hey Joanie, you'll be staying right down the street from me! (Kaneohe on the windward side). We'll be playing then, I'm sure, hopefully not a private function (although Dave and I can get you in). I can get back with you as soon as we know for sure, but regardless it would be cool to meet you and Mike while you're here and grab a bite somewhere maybe throw something on the grill at Hau'ula park and have a little jam and make you guys feel real welcome. I'm e-mailing you my cell #. Looking forward to hearing from ya'll.

Re: Re:Bayou Cadillacs, Honolulu/Chad

Jean..i'll be there the whole month of June..but will prob only have a few days on land...going there for the RIMPAC navy exercise....2 summers ago we had 13 days on land out of 2 months...this year its just 1 month..so i'm betting about 4-5 days off....i'll contact ya before i go and see if ya have a schedule up.

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