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Ruben Coe shredding the 3-row diatonic

Here is Ruben Coe of Laredo, TX playing Cannonball Adderly's Mercy, Mercy, Mercy on his new Dino Baffetti Tex-Mex II.




Re: Ruben Coe shredding the 3-row diatonic

Sweet! More inspiration to practice.

Re: Re: Ruben Coe shredding the 3-row diatonic

Coe is playing a triple row chromatic with the scales he's getting. You can tell he's schooled in Tex-Mex,
Conjunto, and other forms of Mexican music which helps transfer easily into some of the other Jazz patterns he's playing. Not to take anything away from Coe, he's definitely good at what he does. But, I have found these guys have a tough time playing Zydeco with any gutsy feel. It's probably like a classical pianist playing Blues. Not too many can make the transition.

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