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Wayne Toups' accordion keys

Wayne Toups absolutely killed at the St. Pete's Fla.festival on Sat. night. He used two dual key falcons. One I guess was a c/d. What was the other?

Re: Wayne Toups' accordion keys

I'm not sure but I think he still uses a C/D and a E/F.

Re: Wayne Toups' accordion keys

The red one is a c/d, the blue one is an e/f, the f is wet tuned.

Re: Re: Wayne Toups' accordion keys

Wayne is truly amazing! I agree with the fact he can work a crowd -- what a crowd pleaser! I dunno how he plays -- exactly. I ain't figured it out. I know Walter Mouton is his idol. Jus' how in the heck does he consistently pull off that 7th and 8th button stuff throughout his lickage boggles my mind. He is the king of the "zydecajun" genre. Okay... so he invented zydecajun. There's been a lot of cats to try to emulate him. Most recently, Keke Borque. But before him was Damon Troy... and Sean Vidrine to some degree... and before that let's not forget about Lee Benoit's first couple of releases... and do we need to mention Roddie Romero? Even Danny Collet's latest release finds him monkeying with zydecajun. Hey, I'm just validating that Wayne invented a legitimate offshoot of CZ music — and he IS the originator! And kicks everyone's beehind doing it! I'd like to know if there is anyone else other than Walter Mouton (pioneeringly speaking) that even stepped foot on that zydecajun boatdock.

I know, I know,,, Wayne's latest CD doesn't count. He is just trying something different! And kicking butt doing that, too! Wayne rocks!


Re: Re: Re: Wayne Toups' accordion keys

i agree rick...wayne is THE man in Zydecajun...i'll add a couple more wayne knockoff's...dustin ray and kevin naquin.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Wayne Toups' accordion keys

I always thought that Kevin Naquin was trying to emulate Steve Riley. He's a decent player, but he doesn't have Steve's voice or range.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Wayne Toups' accordion keys

I agree with you on that, Joan. I remember Kevin coming to jam sessions when he was 14 or 15 years old and he had been taking lessons from Steve. He even had his "C" accordion made almost identical to Steve's.

St. Petersburg FL Cajun & Zydeco Festival

Johnny ~ Didn't know you would be attending the Festival! My husband and I were there Saturday and Sunday, although we didn't stay for Wayne Toups. Mike doesn't like driving back over the long bridge to Tampa late at night when the drunks are out.

Tee Joe from this forum was also at the Festival.

What did you think of Horace Trahan's new band and new songs? Last I had heard, he was taking a break from performing due to Christian commitments. Guess he's off on a new tangent. Horace is HIGHLY talented and ALWAYS CHANGING!

Re: St. Petersburg FL Cajun & Zydeco Festival

Hi Joanie. So sorry we didn't get to meet. Were you the guys in the Mardi Gras outfits? I met Horace and his band at the motel we were all staying at. I liked his first set. We missed his second set. I thought the Reggae influenced message songs were very creative. I don't know what the crowd thought but since it was all very danceable, I bet lots of people never even heard the words! The only criticism I have is that since it was a festival and not a bar, he shouldn't drink and smoke while onstage. Since it was a family oriented affair it might have impacted negatively on some people who were hearing the music for the first time. But then Horace is still real young and does his own thing. Like he says, it is all good. And it was!

Re: Re: St. Petersburg FL Cajun & Zydeco Festival

I think the couple in the Mardi Gras costumes was from St. Martinsville or another Louisiana town. Saturday I was wearing white pants and and orange top. Sunday I was wearing a greenish dress. Most of the time I was just hanging around ~ sometimes up near the stage ~ as my husband doesn't dance. Sorry to have missed you.

Re: St. Petersburg FL Cajun & Zydeco Festival

Do you know if there is anyone in the area who teaches the cajun accordion?
I did not know there was a difference in the times when the drunks are out and what is the difference between the drunks at night and the everyday drivers?
from Lakeland

Cajun Accordion Teachers Near Tampa

Sorry Leon ~ I don't know of any Cajun accordion teachers in this area. In fact, the only Cajun accordion player who plays reasonably well who lives in this neck of the woods (IMO) is Greg Taillon of Orlando who performs with The Porchdogs.

I started a search for a teacher about 7 years ago or so. Met Gentry McCauley, Cory McCauley's brother (Cory is an EXCELLENT traditional player) in the process, but never found anyone to help me out. Greg Taillon has too many irons in the fire to do any teaching on a regular basis, but offered to sit down with me sometime and show me a few tricks. Never got to the point where I took him up on it.

If YOU ever find a teacher in Central Florida, be sure to post it here!

Re: Cajun Accordion Teachers Near Tampa

Will do and Thank You for the reply

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