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Re: Fill Us In.

From left to right, ten button ACADIAN in C, 2005 model, 9 button BON TEE CAJUN in C, 2005 model, ten button POINTE NOIR courtesy of MR. LARRY ENGLISH in C, 1996 model, and finally 9 button ACADIAN in F, 1995 or 1996 model. The RED in F came with 10 CD's of music, most of it of the late, great, DANNY POULLARD. I bought the red ACADIAN from a man in California. Mr. Poullard jammed on the little red F with the previous owner in his kitchen on some of the CD's. I know it is Danny Poullard on the CD's, because they are mostly live recordings in nightclubs and the announcer says Danny's name.

Re: Re: Fill Us In.

You must really like C accordions! They're all beauties thats for sure.


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Nice boxes !! who do I send a photo to eventually post here ??

Re: Re: Re: Fill Us In.

To me. My email is listed above. JoanieB.

Re: Fill Us In.

Thanks for the post Joanie. For the record OPELOUSAS is 20 miles from Marc Savoy ( Eunice ) and 36 miles from Larry Miller ( Iota ) We are in the Heart of Cajun Country.

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