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Gabbanelli Cajun King

I was fortunate enough to pick up a virtually new Gab cajun king on ebay in A. It is breaking in nicely and I must say it is a very nice accordion. I ordered an internal mic from Larry Miller. While waiting for it I opened the Gab. up just to see what it looked like and how the installation would go. It is very well made. I like the metal slide mechanism for the stops. Button action is a little stiffer than on my Bon Cajuns but very crisp and sure. All Italian parts of course so the bellows buttons springs etc. feel just like on a La hand made. All in all a great Zydeco box. Mahogony with red and yellov bellows with a white diamond and black flappers. Just a little bling bling. Sounds good for cajun too. Not quite as good as a La. handmade but real close and a good choice if you don't have the bucks for a new Miller, Acadian, Martin etc. Now I can play "Lake Charles Connection" along with Chris on his CD!

Re: Gabbanelli Cajun King

I have a King Bb and I really love it. I was surprised how well it played and how sturdy it is. It's a wonderful option for those who can't break the $1000 level.

Re: Re: Gabbanelli Cajun King

They used to be about $1400.

They sounded anemic to me. Just didn't have the meat that an LA box has. Are all the reed blocks standing up, none glued flat? That would explain the lack of gusto.

An internal mike would probably fix that.


Re: Gabbanelli Cajun King

isnt the Gab king.. the exact same accordion as the excelsior acadia with a different name/vice versa?.....i have seen pics of the gab king and my old excelsior acadia was an exact copy...just different name...

i bought my excelsior from a guy on these forums.. he sent it to marc savoy and had it tuned .....it sounded great and was a great starting accordion...now i wish i hadnt sold it...it would have been perfect for me to take on trips.

Re: Re: Gabbanelli Cajun King

Elderly has one on their site linked above. It looks similar but not the same. The Excelsor keyboard is different in the picture than the Gab.
Saw Leroy Thomas last night in NYC. He was playing a Gab just like mine!

Re: Re: Re: Gabbanelli Cajun King

could you post a pic of your gab?

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