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Jam session in vinton la

Hi everyone again. Would like to know how to start my own accustic jam session cajun music of course in vinton louisiana. If not in Vinton, maybe around sulphur la. If there is anyone interested in the area of playing let me know.

Re: Jam session in vinton la

Try posting on Clarence's Cajun and Zydeco web page. He has a listing of all the jam sessions in South LA.
Can someone Post the link.?

Cajun jams in La website

Voila mes amies. Wish I was down there.

Re: Cajun jams in La website

Here's the right link. Sorry 'bout that Braves.

Re: Jam session in vinton la

I live in Carlyss and play accordion and guitar, let me know when and where and I'll be there !

Re: Jam session in vinton la

Layne Z has a great idea. I have a weekly jam sesssion and Clarences web page has reached many accordion players.
It is the best jam session near Baton Rouge La. Let me know if you start a session. I may be able to make a session on occassions. Will be willing to assist you in any way that I can.
Good Luck ! You will be suprised how many people in your area love to play Caju Music.

Re: Jam session in vinton la

Count me in...I play drums and bass, and rhythem guitar. I prefer to play the drums though...


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