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My new baby

I just now decided to get this fiddle. I've had it for a couple of weeks on evaluation. My hearing is going, and I'm trying to keep from blasting myself with an acoustic next to my ear. Also, I play flat a lot, I think due to my tinnitus, and my intonation improved immediately with this electric.

I just played both this one and my acoustic, with my musician's earplugs in. The CLARITY of the tone from this electric fiddle is amazing. Its smoother than my acoustic, and my acoustic is fairly mellow. And the electric sounds acoustic. None of that high pitched background whine.

Funny, when I was getting this thing from the builder, who is local to me, he was switching out the pickup on it for the smoother one I preferred, and the power went out. I blurted out, kidding, "Now, there's one reason not to get an electric fiddle."

I'll just keep my acoustic with me as a backup.

It was wonderful to have someone local that I could go, try out the fiddles, try different options, without having to pay shipping both ways, or pay restocking fees, etc. Hell of a nice guy too, very bent on having a satisfied customer.

Its used, so I'm getting it for 20% off. But it looks an plays brand new.

Re: My new baby

Hi Dwight, I've been hearing much about elect. fiddles. Sometimes I hear that they do not sound so good. But glad to hear someone has figured out how to make them sound more natural and not harsh. On a previous chat you mentiioned building half of the frame glueing jig and getting mixed results. Next time try cutting hardwood sample pieces. However you may find that the mitered joints slide a little as you mentioned. So make the correction before the glue dries. Wala!!

Recovery is slow in St. Bernard parish.

Re: Re: My new baby

Hi John,

Yeah, I had someone else bring their electric fiddle to an event last weekend, and my was way superior.

Other pickups, more expensive pickups, have a bit more edge to them, as some scratchy acoustic fiddles do. It helps them be heard. This one is like butter though. Very nice.

On that jig, you know, I did one frame, got that problem, did it again, went back and looked at it and it all seemed ok, then, when it dried, same problem.

Only thing I can think of is that the base board has a curve to it (3/4" ply), but I think I checked that. The other thing I could do is clamp the side pieces down too, instead of just clamping the whole frame together from the end pieces.

I know you probably know this already, but a lot of folks on here were worried for you, and felt bad about your loss, yours truly included. Glad to be hearing from you on here.


Re: Re: Re: My new baby

I want to thank everyone for their concern and prayers. We are somewhat setteled else where now and will eventually try to build accordions again. For now I have to try to cut a lot of red tape with the SBA. Wow!! They are a ***** to deal with and slow as cold mollases.
Will also try to participate in the accordion building discussion. We need to get some new young blood stirring the pot. I hope to be able to help.

Re: Re: Re: Re: My new baby

Well, you were certainly forthcoming with your help to me, and I appreciated it, even though I dropped the ball.

Where exactly are you now?

Actually, email me off line, zydeholic at yahoo dot com, if you like.

Take care.

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