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oh well!!!!, if it's only a matter of time.

I guess "We" still can post for or against my beloved and very traditional and indispensable, and necessary "miterred corners" before the voluminous data collected on the subject , over the years, on this site, can be published on our new FAQ, let's not delay, the process,please .

Thank you , Joannie.


Re: Re: FAQ

Well, Claude, I'd have to say you have a point. Actually two points, on each piece of wood.

Re: Question for Joan, re:posting lyric requests

I have a yahoo group that I have been posting lyrics to as they show up on here (I usually ask if its ok), or if I pull them from somewhere else, or type them in myself.

I know you have yahoo, but there's about 60 songs over there now.

Re: Re: Question for Joan, re:posting lyric requests

Should have read "I know you hate Yahoo", to Dana.

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