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Video Of Our Gig in Luxello, TX

Hey Y'all

The Doc Marshalls just got back from a short tour in Texas. We played SXSW in Austin, which was fantastic, and then headlined at an historic dancehall the following day.

Luxello Hall, formerly the Cibolo Creek Country Club, is an amazing rural honky tonk from the 1800's located just outside of San Antonio -- the real deal.

The footage shows us playing a brief Cajun jam during a bbq and crawfish boil out front. Afterwards, there's a clip of New Orleans bluesman Grayson Capps, followed by a few minutes of us on the main stage. Despite it being a Sunday night, there was decent crowd of dancers, many from the San Antonio chapter of the CFMA.

Later that night a storm knocked the power out and water poured through the ceiling. We drank Shinerbock and watched the lightning. What a blast.

Here's the link:


(it takes a while to load up).


Nick B.

Re: Video Of Our Gig in Luxello, TX

pretty fancy accordion playing, mr nick!

rest of the band sounds good too.

the back door, that is a good one to stretch out on..


Re: Video Of Our Gig in Luxello, TX

Enjoyed watching that. Great job! Wish I had been there! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Video Of Our Gig in Luxello, TX


That's fine music you all were makin'! Thanks for the clip!


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