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Re: cleaning LP's

Those seem to be good suggestions. Assuming that you live somewhere close to this place, in February I talked with a guy named Walt Broussard who sells used records at a flea market at 5903 Johnston Street (about a mile south of Acadiana Mall). We talked about cleaning LPs, and he told me what he does - a mix of some really unusual things that I do not remember - but he swore by his method. You might ask him - his phone number is 337-984-3509. It sounded interesting. He even told me how he straightens warped records - something about placing them between glass and leaving them in the sun for a specified time.

That Genie-in-a-Bottle sounds interesting, too, even though it would take me forever to use 40 ounces of a solution. I just use a towel (placing the LP on it flat), a wet soft cloth and a dry soft cloth. That seems to work. I haven't really found anything to remove or at least camouflage scratches, but I have heard that there is such a thing.

Jack Bond

Re: Re: cleaning LP's

Thanks for the info Jack. Will give Broussard a call. I Sure would like to salvage those old albums.

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