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Here Are The Tracks and Keys

The CD is called, "Back to the Basics Savoy Style". Man, Marc Savoy surely is an awesome player. As you can see below, most of these songs were recorded with an Eb/Bb accordion. For those songs in either Eb or Bb, just use a software program (Amazing Slowdowner, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Cool Edit Pro) to transpose them. If you are using a C/G accordion, lower the pitch 3 semi-tones, and you can play along. Here are the tracks with the keys listed:

01 Amédé's Waltz - Eb
02 Amédé's Two Step - Bb
03 Alton Landreneau Two Step - Eb
04 Valse a Wade Frugé - Eb
05 Two Step a Sidney Fourneroy - C
06 Valse a Hiram Fontenot - Bb
07 Two Step a Will Bolfa - Eb
08 Eunice Two Step - Bb
09 Valse a LJ Hébert - Eb
10 Two Step a Cyprien Landreneau - Eb
11 Two Step a Alphée Bergeron - Eb
12 Valse de L'anse Maigre - Eb
13 Two Step a Bode Frugé - Eb
14 Valse a Cheese Read - Eb
15 Marc's Waltz - C

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