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Re: Re: Where to go dancing near Lafayette?

And don't forget La Poussiere's on Sunday afternoon as well with Jackie Callier and Ivy Dugas and the Cajun Cousins - great band, and during lent and much bigger crowd than on Sat Night.

Re: Where to go dancing near Lafayette?


This may not be as easy for you as it is for me (I live in Maryland); but if you can, listen to Pete Bergeron's radio show on KRVS.org on the computer.
He is on Monday through Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 (6 to 8 for me). Every day, he gives places and dates for restaurants, jam sessions, dances, etc. Of course I don't understand French too well and I often can't tell when the events are happening, but I always know where. He often mentions places in Crowley, Rayne, and Jennings.

One other place that I have found to be a lot of fun on Thursday nights is a jam session at Nick's in Eunice. Every time we have been there, it has been a lot of fun. Larry Miller ususally is there. Also, Kyle Huval, the son of the guy who runs the jam, is ususallyu there. He is one of the best young accordion players that I have heard.

Jack Bond

Re: Where to go dancing near Lafayette?

Merci Beaucoup to you all for your individual suggestions as well as the valuable references and resources you pointed me to -- this combination is just what we needed!! Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!


Re: Re: Where to go dancing near Lafayette?

It is all by "night of the week" down there. You can call the places up (safest) or read Times of Acadiana when you are there (I would still call before getting into the car for a long drive!).

You can see great zydeco or cajun at Randols... but each has its own night---and a different crowd for each. Same for Wranglers in Carencro... even Cowboys in Lafayette.

Sunday Night at Mulates (Breaux Bridge) is one of the great ones--- Al Berard & The Basin Brothers. Great Food, some of the most beautiful cajun music anywhere on the planet, and lots of dancers, too.

Re: Re: Re: Where to go dancing near Lafayette?

If it's the weekend, you've got plenty of choices, for sure. A nice time is to go to Henderson, east of Lafayette, and eat a stellar meal at Pat's... then walk next door to the new, Atchafalya Club. There's usually a great band playing (Geno, Travis Matte, Kevin Naquin, etc.) It's nice, comfortable and huge with plenty of room to work off all that rice and gravy. Then, when the dance is over, you can get the remainder of that 40 oz. dacquiri you got at the Paradise drive-thru out of your car, climb up the levee, and howl at the moon! C'est fun!

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