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Danny Collet -- new CD

...is very enjoyable! It's entitled, "I Can't Sleep If I Can't Sleep With You." Yeah, I know, the title is a bit long, and the title track isn't necessarily the best cut on the disc. But perhaps Acadiana Sound's, Fred Charlie could have convinced Danny (like he changed Horace Trahan's "Reach Out.." to "Butt Thing") the title should be, "Stir It Up" as that Marley tune on Danny's disc is done justice -- and as much as I love Marley's music, I prefer Danny's version. That's huge, Braves. But I've never heard a Cajun box laid down so well on top of a reggae riddim.

The entire disc runs the gamut of genres. Cajun, Zydecajun, NuZydeco, OlZydeco, Rock, Ballad, Hard Rock, Blues, SwampOp, and yep, even Reggae. And with only 11 tracks on the disc, you can bet that no 2 tracks are similar! Danny is an amazing guitarist, too as demonstrated on a few of the tunes, and needless to mention, he's a killer accordion puller!

With all these cool grooves, Danny's unusual stellar voice, and probably the best studio work ever by Mr. Fred Charlie at Acadiana Sounds, this CD is worth the quest and mail order from one your favorite Louisiana music stores.

Just my $0.02, enjoy Louisiana music!


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