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Re: info on instructor?

Tina has background info at www.savoymusiccenter.com

Re: Re: info on instructor?

Hey if you need one on one lessons for the accordian dont forget about me lol. I have taught the accordian before and still teach. Give me a reply back if your interested.

THanks: Aaron chesson

Re: Re: Re: info on instructor?

I was talking to Tina one day and she acted like accordion instructions were somewhat a waste of time and money. I'm assuming she meant that, like Aldus Roger said, you just have to take the time to practice.

Re: Re: Re: Re: info on instructor?

thanks shannon, i really do know what you mean - and I recognize my self-defeating practice habits. That's why I'll never prentend to be, or want to be a musician - I don't have the proper work ethic, nor the natural talent to get away with it. That's why I confess that in my "lessons" I just want an instructor to show exactly how to play some particular songs -- maybe that will lead to a little more experimenting and exploration on my part, and more development on my. Borrowing from Mr. Savoy's analogy, I think someone can learn, or come close to learning how to type words they don't how to spell, but knowing how similar sounding words are spelled.

Re: Re: Re: Re: info on instructor?

I have to disagree with Tina. Many many kids learn music from taking lessons in school and some go on to become very good musicians. So, keep on keeping on!!Everyone can learn something from an instructor. Just being with one can inspire you.

Re: Re: Re: info on instructor?

hi aaron, tried to send you email after you first posted about lessons, but think there was trouble with that particular email. I recently had to cancel Balfa because I have close relative getting married that weekend and I can't miss the wedding -- didn't really want to just make "some" of the camp, and thought I would try and book some lessons 1-on-1 that week. If you can handle spoon-feeding an adult beginner I love to hook up with you as much as possible in last week of april. I'll be in sulphur all week visiting family. Email me ASAP and see if we can work out details of appropriate fee, et cet. Schedule can be very flexible

Re: Re: Re: info on instructor?

Hey Aaron,its funny that you dont talk to me no more you said your internet was being turned off but you posted a message on here.Whats up with that? But still want to meet you.Take care Jessica

Re: Re: Re: Re: info on instructor?

Well maybe you should just let it go. Seems like a brush off to me. Some people just can't take the hint.

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