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Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

Wut!-wut!? That's EASY! I prefer to do mine over the cellie... with his "3rd" version of J'ai passe devant ta porte from the J'Ai Ete Au Bal DVD cranked up to the the receiver.

...got me my new Acadian in de bag!

Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

And of coarse this has nothing to do with it being April fools day!

Re: Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

I was almost ready to pick up that phone until I realized today's date. Oh well, it got me thinking that I have to study more from Marc's new DVD. He does J'ai Passe on it in three keys, C,G and F! Not until you can do that can you say you play, IMHO. According to Rick's review of his new CD on his site, Marc is the best hands down. I don't disagree but he makes it difficult to learn. You REALLY HAVE TO WORK HARD TO LEARN FROM HIS STUFF. AS for me, give me those one chord mind numbing Zydeco riffs that seem to go on forever, yea you right!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

I concur with Mr. Ace -- I like me some simple zydeco riffage. Some of my favorites are from the debut CDs of J.Paul Jr., Sean Ardoin, and Rosie Ledet. Perhaps I was a bit over zealous when I reviewed Marc's "Back To The Basics" CD. There's nothing "basic" in the way Marc plays. It certainly is complex and quite beautiful with all the ornamentations, fills and grace notes. While he is up there in the upper echelon of Cajun accordionists, I can admire simplicity as well. After practically begging Marc for a minute of his time at his shop recently, just to let him know that his tunes are in high rotation on my radio program, he seemed uninterested and lukewarm. Maybe I cought him on a bad day, but the experience left me deflated — kinda like the day I found out Santa Clause wasn't real. Perhaps I was imposing media conventions on his family values? Nah, it was probably just a bad day. ~RR

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

i drove 3.5 hours today to go to Savoy's and was a bit surprised myself with the "ambience" if you will. I think I was expecting something a little friendlier to outsiders since they invite people to come and listen. Wasn't as enjoyable as listening to the jams at Balfa camp last year. At least I bought the Ye Haille Chere book - glad y'all recommended it - good stuff.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !


Your experience is not unique. I have gone there a few times and I received the same "unwelcome" welcome. Tina is cordial but Marc is very...well...something. Many others that I have spoken with will tell you the same story of feeling sort of "unwelcome" whenenver they go to visit. I don't think it has much to do with media conventions or anything like that, it is just the way he is. It is a shame, but it that "unwelcome" experience is not uncommon.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

I think it's kinda like this, if you are some big shot in the music or movie industry or wrighting a book or something you get the good welcome. But if you go there just a little sh*t without the intention spending a some money you are out of the loop. It is a selective thing!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

Well, I did manage to drop a $150 in CDs, a T-shirt and a really cool white accordion strap. The CD selection is small but very deep. I found discs that I've been looking high and low for. That alone was worth the trip — not to mention the jam of about 15 musicians was quite good... until it ended exactly at 11:59 and the place was vacant by 12:02. That was... amazing? I guess... I'll go back there for more CDs. Oh, and free boudin. Forgot to mention that. ~RR

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Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

For your INFO, Savoy Music Center is 21 miles from my home and it was established in 1960. Killer jams every Sat. a.m. when Marc is in town.

Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

Hey, Didn't Weird Al Yancovic win that in 2000?LOL

Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

GO to www.savoymusiccenter.com and click on WRITINGS. Read all of the Writings, in particular, AN INTERVIEW WITH MYSELF. That will give you a better understanding of Mr. Savoy.

Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

I don't think I have the stomach for it. Maybe after a six pack or two.

Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

Everyone needs to visit Savoy Music Center one Saturday morning at 9:00 for the weekly jam session, meet Marc in person and judge for themselves.

Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

For those people interested in Cajun music and videos, the absolute best place to shop is Floyd's Record shop in Ville Platte, La www.floydsrecordshop.com They are celebrating 50 years in business in 2006. Hands down, Floyd's has the best selection and if they don't have it, they can get it for you.

Re: Re: Win an Acadian accordion today !

I totally agree with cajungreeneyes. Over the years, Floyd's has kept me well-stocked for my radio show. Ramona at Floyd's online store will do everthing possible to get you what you are looking for. Beyond that, the turnaround time on an order is usually 2-3 days by mail -- or instant gratification when dropping in the Ville Platte store (after a lunch at Pig Stand!) If you drop in, ask for Cecil. He's a super nice guy and has been building quality accordions in the back of the store. It's all good...

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