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My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

Well I had a great time at the Liberty in Eunice Saturday night. Courtney Granger and Danny Shuff did a great job and we all felt that the whole show was a great success and that at least, we all had a great time!

Tally Miller suggested that if I was looking for a place to eat and hear music, that I should stop by Bubba Frey's in Mowata between Eunice and Crowley. Boy, I am glad I did. The restaurant is right next to a metal building that is the Mowata store. The restaurant itself is a wooden building built in a very old style complete with wooden floors and ceilings with bare light bulbs exposed. It is decorated with various memorabilia and antiques and curious items like a paper kite that came as a prize with a Burger Chef hambuger "Big Shef."

The crawfish was great, but a bit spicey for my kids. The fried seafood was great. There is a house band of which Bubba Frey himself was the emcee...he also plays fiddle. They were constantly invited audience up to join the band in their music and "suckered" me in and played quite a few pranks while I was up there. The atmosphere was just great, locals and tourists side by side having a great time as if we were all family and we were just gathered together in a large kitchen or living room.

One of my biggest honors that night was getting to play with Merlin Fontenot who is such a legendary fiddler in Cajun music. He played on Nathan's records, Joel Sonnier's Cajun Life, some of Ambrose Thibodeaux's records I think and he also made an album called "Fiddling Cajun." He has been one of my heroes. He is 82 years old and still doing a great job!

I also met "Cabri" who sang the Opelousas Waltz (in "D" no less!) with Austin Pitre. I think I remember him saying that he was 74. He sang a set of old time country complete with cowboy yodeling!

It was great to get to meet these two legends and also the regular members of the houseband like Claudia Woods, Bubba Frey, Charlie "Wine" Thibodeaux and the other jammers like Tally and Sybil Miller.

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend that you put "Bubba Frey's" on your list of things to do. You will not be dissappointed. Don't be in a hurry and just soak up the atomosphere and stories from the locals and the musicians...priceless!

Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's


Enjoyed you and your band when you came to Baton Rouge some months ago.

You are right. Bubba's is known for it's lack of service, however, it is a great place for good food and local Cajun music entertainment. Some of the locals who you would never hear about or see playing in public sometimes sit in.

"Cabri" Menier surely can play guitar and sing well! He has such an unbelievably good and strong voice for a 74 yr old. He told me a couple months ago that he had been to the doctor and the doc told him that he was falling apart, but he had another 10 yrs or so left in his voice.

Kirk Menier

Re: Bubba Frey's

you forgot to mention some of the best boudin in the area!...connected to the bubba frey's resturant is the mowata convience store...you MUST try this boudin if you stop here...it is slam full of meat..and pieces of green onion...great taste!..ok..i'm hungry now :(

Bubba Frey's boudin/music

That's good to hear, Chad! I had a couple of pounds last summer and it was too much rice, not enough meat.

I like a good balance. Familiar with Johnson's in Eunice? I like theirs.

I will be in Louisiana in June and hope to try Don's in Carencro and Billy and Ray's in Opelousas.


On the issue of music, the way Chris described his experience, I hope to have time to make my way there for a dance soon! I would like to catch Cabri Menier and Merlin Fontenot, too.

Re: Bubba Frey's boudin/music

Neal (at the risk of starting a best boudin debate), if you are going by Mamou (Fred's maybe?) try T'boys boudin. He also has the best gratons I have had, very lean and well spiced.

I have heard about Marc what is being said here, but the one time I went there (2 weeks ago) he was very friendly and outgoing. I thoroughly enjoyed the musicians there, and some of the spectators as well.


Re: Re: Bubba Frey's boudin/music

I have never had one of those "cold shoulder" experiences on a Saturday morning. It only happened once...but during a workday when he was busy in the shop. most of the other experiences I have heard of were on workdays...not jam days.

Re: Re: Re: Bubba Frey's boudin/music

My dad described it as if he has something else on his mind, and in that case, I can sure understand. I know how it is to be absorbed in something that requires concentration and then have to change train of thought to talk to someone.

The fact that he opens his shop up to these jams gives him a plus in my book, being a little distracted, well, we've probably all been there.

Thanks for the tip for Bubba Freys, I'll have to check that out someday.


Re: Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

Chris, Kirk and All:

Now that joint planted a heck of a vivid memory in this Nonc's mind. May have told it several times, but it bares repeating and that is a fact. Bubba Frey's does it up right.

While on one of my sojourns to Louisiana, I met up with Kirk at Mitche's and Lisa's store for an afternoon jam thing and some visiting. While I had not eaten anything all day, that evening Kirk was gonna take me to one of his spots.

This particular day/weekend was the Rayne frog fest. and it come up a rain storm that could would have brutalized any frog or human left out in the open, it was one of those frog strangling storms that I dont often see here in northern Ca. But drove it never-the- less, for wherever it was we were headed.

So Kirk is doing the driving with me trying to figure where we were. Seemed like it took forever, but he pulls into this joint for what seemed in the middle of somewhere and yet "I don't know where."

We go inside this place and things are winding down from a wedding. "ok we come in?" Yeah come on in we will be finished up shortly.
So while the wedding was (I would guess a French wedding) winding down, there was this gal standing in a wash tub (which got explained to me later on). Here I am taking everything in and wondering what the heck. Not long afterwards, folks started piling in and we had dinner... It was about as good as I have had (the food). Shortly, they lined up the chairs side by side and a house band started doing it. These were not spring chickens doing it, nope there were some I had wondered if they could muster the stamina to hang in there song after song without falling over gasping for a breath. Well they did have the stamina and the grove, and brother it was a fun time atmosphere eating, watching, listening and soaking it all up.

The music (traditional) was not a lot of hyper embellishments, but very down to earth and yet some of the most fun sounding music I have heard. Here I am thinking to myself, "so this is the way they do it in the home grown sense"... I liked it (then and now), this down to earth easier form of just playing french music and not getting goofy, it was just about as fine as I have seen or heard.

As I sit here thinking about (vivid recall) it, it was among the best of memories ... thanks Kirk.

Chris, any house, any venue, any place and any state... you are about as fine a blended musician as I have ever met or heard, I know this joint had to feel pretty good that night with you being in the house. Brother you put a smile on my face with your post of Bubba Frey's.

Best.... Nonc D

Hey Nonc...and Joanie...

Good to hear from you...you would've had a blast! Forgot to mention earlier that having my whole family there...wife and four kids...really made the evening special. Everybody in the place sang "You are my Sunshine" together causing tears from my wife as that songs stirs quite a few personal family memories. The kids and I did a number of things together. Don't know how much longer I can keep all my kids together on these family outings. They are getting older and wanting more and more to do their own things. I guess being all together was one of the things that made it extremely touching and memorable. I have some pictures and wouldn't mind if Joanie wanted to post them...how do I or can post them myself?

Posting Pictures on This Forum

Chris ~ in order for pictures to be constantly available for viewing, they must be hosted via a server that runs 24/7.

I personally host most of the pictures and graphics visible on this forum via the server that my husband and I have contracted to host our Maison-t-Bayou website. If you have a server available for your use, and know how to upload the photos from your computer to the server, you can host your pictures using HTML in the body of the post.

For instance, typing < IMG src="http://maison-t-bayou.com/brave/Bb1.jpg" > places a picture of my Mouton Bb accordion in the body of this message. I have intentionally placed a space after and before the < > at the beginning and end of the HTML. Otherwise you would only see the picture and not the code just like this:

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Thanks for your participation in this forum!

Re: Family... the kids... what's the word Chris Miller??

Oh I know what ya mean about those kids. Yep, they grow up very fast... before ya know it, they are off in directions that do not always include the folks.

Never-the-less, kids that are rooted with a good upbringing, will come back around to let ya know the things ya did right as a parent, a proud moment(s)... that is when that little happy tear runs down your cheek when nobody is looking and ya feel on top of the world, no matter who ya are or where you are.

Sometimes it takes the smallness of a child (or children) to reach the innards of an adult emotionally (song). Your children has touched me on a particular fathers day (you know what I mean)and many others for what I treasure more than gold. You have a dandy crop of youngsters and delightful wife and mother there Chris.... In this ole goofy world of this and that, I consider you a King and a wealthy man for such attributes of a fine family... That is all it takes for the light to shine in most mens world.

Sorry Braves, I had to lay that out there.. it is just that these Miller kids (and their Mom and Daddy) are very much admired by this old geezer Nonc, more than they will ever know.

Chris, I know the kids do sing, have they gravitated to playing any instruments ??

Nonc D

Re: Re: Family... the kids... what's the word Chris Miller??

Camryn, my 14 year old daughter, has been playing the guitar for about a year now. She is getting pretty good and has a good ear for chord changes. She has been sitting in with the band occassionally and is able to follow most 3 chord songs just great.

Colten, her twin brother, has been messing around with the piano a good bit lately. He has been learning "Rondo a la turca" by Mozart...mostly picking out by ear and following what he learned on his light-up key keyboard.

Candace, my 11 year old, has also started to learn a tiny bit of guitar and fiddle, but doesn't have the stick-to-it-ness of the other two. Caressa, my oldest (16) is pretty committed to singing and is not that interested in any instruments at this time.

Thank you for your kind words, Nonc. I have been truly blessed...thank you for reminding me. Sometimes I like to complain to God about all the things I am not happy about...you brought me right back to earth and my proper senses with your last post. Thanks so much.

Re: Re: Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

I have eaten (very good food) there and enjoyed the music and fun. The music is not the high energy thing the younger Cajun musicians are doing today, but is the real stuff that was played at house dances decades ago. I know i grew up with an accordion player, my Dad. Something for visitors to La to experience if they have an interest in the Cajun culture. And most of the musicians speak the Cajun dialect.


Re: Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

How is Bubba's known for its lack of service?

Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

Best boudin and boudin balls are in Opelousas, Billy and Ray's

Re: Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

Yeah, but which Billy's or Ray's?

I usually ask for Ray's... Billy's is spicier (hotter) but not as good as Don's in Carencro.


Best boudin I've ever had ~ and I've sampled it from lots of places ~ was being sold at a Cajun French Music Association dance/fundraiser held at the Yambilee Buiding in Opelousas. I still wonder where they got it from...

Re: Boudin

All this talk about Boudin has made me hungry for some and the only thing I have to eat for dinner tonite is chicken and homemade sausage gumbo!

Re: Boudin

That boudin is always donated from Bubba Frey at the Mowata Store. He is also a member of the CFMA and very good friends of Claudia Wood and Harry LaFleur (who was the founder of the organization. In fact he studied under Harry when learning to play the fiddle.

Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's


Yeah, really enjoyed your set at The Liberty.
Good sound balance both vocally and with instruments.

It was Sunday morning here in Australia when we started streaming via KRVS and you came through loud and clear.

Hope to hear you again some time...
Darryl, Australia.

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