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Re: 1 on 1

Hi Aaron,

I agree with you 100 percent.

I teach harmonica to children, for many years to teenage boys almost exclusively, and now to elementary students grades 1 through 5.
there is no question that a private lesson is far far far superior to group instruction. I teach my kids individually and when they know stuff then put them together but the best learning is individual.
That being said, if you are at about the same level group instruction can also be fun, but different learning speeds and curves really do affect the benefit and fun you can get out of a group.


Re: 1 on 1

Hey Aaron,if you need any refrences on your accordian teaching I can vouch for you.You are very very good and have taught many people.You are one of a kind and have a lot of patience when it comes to music.I wish you the best with your teaching.Also everyone he teaches guitar and don't let him fool you he is great on the fiddle and an awsome bass player.

Re: Re: 1 on 1

evelyn chesson, you really need to stop kissing up to me because I am not going to talk to you. Any mother who is going to pretend to be another person in an email and just to try break me and my fiancee' up by trying to set me up is not a mother at all, in fact it is sick as hell. Also pretending to be others on here just to stalk me is not right also. I know this has nothing to do with accordian page but I am just tired of all the crap and i just think everyone should know what i am going threw. You should using this board to try and get in touch with me because this is not what this board is for me now leave me alone.

Re: Re: Re: 1 on 1

Gee Aaron, sorry I was only trying to help by putting in a good word for you.You are the one putting all your personal business on here.Now maybe people will really see what kind of person you really are.You are not a dependable musician.You start to get many things going for yourself but never finish them.If you decide you are not going to show up for a gig you get your wife Carrie, to call and lie for you.I don't call that being a man when you can't take care of your own business.

Re: Re: Re: Re: 1 on 1

Gee evelyn go ahead and start spreading lies about me on here because in my opinion people go to hear musicians play because of there music not because of there peronal life business even if they do know about it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 1 on 1

well this all seems childish to me. glad my mother never pulled this kind of crap. thought this board was for cajun music discussion not disfunctional family drama. if you were my mother id have you commited. aaron if she is bothering you my suggestion is to ignore her or take it up in private and not air it here and hopefully we can stick to the nature of this chat board. now ill go back to silently reading posts. au revior and god bless

Re: Re: Re: 1 on 1

Aaron,I was not kissing up to you as you said.I was trying to give you a good word.Well its' really hard to except that you have disowned your parents beings this is not the cajun way.Your little girl misses you a lot.But you have to live with that.We are helping Carrie,which is still your wife raise her.Because you choose not to be in her life.How sad.Happy Easter.
Your Mom.

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