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Re: San Diego Cajuns?

Hi Steve, sorry I can't help with anything about San Diago but perhaps you can help me the cajun scene in Atlanta. Just moved to the area a couple of months ago. Thanks for any help.

Atlanta Cajuns?

Hi John,
Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been busy getting ready for our trip to the left coast.
About the only help I can provide regarding the Atlanta cajun music scene would be the above link to the Atlanta Cajun Dance Association. They usually host some pretty good acts throughout the year. Ray Abshire, Steve Riley, etc. Also, check with Larry English, who posts here. I believe he's in a local band here and may be of more assistance.

Re: Atlanta Cajuns?

thanks a lot for the info. Steve. Will try to make a few contacts and perhaps get back in the loop.


www.aczadance.org should get you started.



Re: San Diego Cajuns?

I would check the Bon Temps Social Club calendar.

Or check Zydeco Brad's page. (LA is only a couple of hours drive from San Diego.)

If you come in on the weekend, you will be able to catch Dexter Ardoin on the 8th in San Diego or 9th in Gardena.

Or for local bands, check out
the San Diego Cajun Playboys. http://www.cajunnetwork.com/sdcp/

or Bonne Musique Zydeco

Or Zydeco Patrol

Good luck,

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