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Re: Re: Gig/Rehearsal Box Amplification

I found an awesome solution to my quandary. Since I rehearse with several musicians in different situations, I purchased a Roland AC-60 acoustic amp. Holy catfish, this thing is amazing! What a rich and authentic sound it produces. It can be used as a stage monitor too, so I got a tripod speaker stand to put it on. It has some amazing technology built-in... no feedback. The entire amp is about the size of an Opelousas air-compressor! And the lows rumble while the highs sizzle. It's incrrredible. Did I mention with NO feedback!? It's the best "AMP" I've ever found for a Cajun box (internally mic'd and externally.)

I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to jam or rehearse with a band in a casual setting or would love a little ear-level monitor at a gig (give your knees a break!)


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