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Technical advice needed

The air button spring broke last night on my John Roger 'Cajun'. I've no idea whether I can contact John yet, and don't like to trouble him until I know he's up and running.
Problem is, I can't get the bass box to part from the end plate. I've taken out the four small screws on the inside, by the reed blocks. There appears to be a sealing strip between bass box and endplate, like the stuff between the end plates and the bellows frames, but it won't part under considerable, though gentle pressure. As if it's glued. Or could it be laquer? It's a 1992 accordion and probably hasn't been opened at this joint before.

Any advice from knowledgable parties would be greatly appreciated. I'm very fond of this box and don't want to damage it. I'm also the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean to drop into a Louisiana shop.



Re: Technical advice needed

On further examination, I suspect there are two more screws hidden under the reed blocks. Should I try to proceed further, or am I getting out of my depth?


Re: Re: Technical advice needed

John visits this forum...i would wait till you talk to him or another builder...i doubt if he would mind if you emailed or called him.

Re: Re: Re: Technical advice needed

Thanks Chad,

Is he at the same e-mail adress? How about his 'phone number?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Technical advice needed

If you can't figure it out take it to a reputable melodian repair person near you. If it is just a repair that person should be able to do it without changing the nature of the box. Russ

Re: Technical advice needed

I have sent you an e-mail concerning your broken spring. Will wait for your e-mail reply.

Re: Re: Technical advice needed

Thanks to all for your help and advice. It's great to know John Roger is back among us, and, re. the post about favorite less well known brands, you'll have to go a long way to beat one of John's 'Cajun' brand boxes.


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