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An apology to all

Dear Everyone and Everyone again,

I would like to apologize on behalf of Evelyn (Aka: Jessica, aka: zoee, aka: Evelina Ann, aka: Redjelloshots, aka: Number1Fan, aka: anonymous, aka: My "mother") for posting unwanted family business on this chat board. If you have had the misfortune of reading one her her ramblings on, I am sorry you had to endure such immaturity. You see, Evelyn is upset with me because I moved out of her home and got a life of my own. This includes going through a divorce and not so nice custody battle. None of which are her business or anyone elses. Although she seems to want to post it on this board and other places as well. But since she is not "in control" of things in my life any longer she resorts to immature things like posting under fake names on here, making up fake names( ie: jessica ) and starting an email "affair" with me to try to break up me and my current girlfriend. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with this board and I do apologize for airing "family drama" but it is getting very aggrivating to come on here to read and talk about cajun music and have to see her fake posts and games she is playing just to get to me. She is posting alot of lies and I do not want people getting a bad image of me just because my mother is having detachment issues with me leaving home.

P.S. My band and I (Aaron Chesson and The Main Squeeze) Will be playing at the Liberty Theater on April 29th at 6pm. I hope you all tune in to listen or even better, come out and watch if you are able. It should be a great show.

Thank you all and again, I am sorry for any space wasted on this board with anything other than Cajun music. Have a great day!

Re: An apology to all

It's all good bro, just remeber that to be the bigger man means to walk away ! BUT DON'T LEAVE THE AIR COMPRESSOR !

Re: Re: An apology to all

I picked up on some of that a while back and though the post from Jessica was from one of those dummies who you might buy a beer for at a bar and them they become like lice. Just plain hard to get rid of. What a mess!! Don't sweat it. Keep on moving on.

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