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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Rosie Ledet Interview

Hi Dave..

the tipo a mano reeds should not add more than roughly a couple hundred bucks to the cost of a new box.. for Handmades.. add on a hundred or more on top of that.. we're looking for handmades at a range of $250 to $450 addtional cost to a new accordion.. which in the long run is well worth it:

1. Fewer read breakages ( if not abused )
2. Stays in tune longer ( the whole range high, middle and low notes )
3. sounds better with playing.. especially after 6 months to a year of regular playing.
4. Increased volume and response ( noticeable the first time you pick one up )..

If going for a "lifer" box... insist on handmades or at least tipo a mano ( like hand mades )..which are nearly as good and more affordable.

The brand you choose will effect the sound quality ...but that is a matter of taste..

Go for the handmades ( number ones).. or tipo a manos ( number twos )...

Oh.. I think "dry " is " In " myself !


Re: Rosie Ledet Interview

Sure, I got one.
With the blessing of a voice that rivals those currently popular in R&B, what is keeping her in the genre of Zydeco rather than taking the jump into the fray of nationally popular American music?

(Not that anybody minds her keeping it close to home :)

Please do not consider this a criticism, not everyone is interested in mainstream national stardom. I was just curious to hear where her interests were and why.

Re: Rosie Ledet Interview

Please ask her when she plans to tour Europe and Italy in particular.. Zydeco is NON existant here whereas in Holland, England, France they have a long tradition of bands, venues, and festivals.. Italy : zilch ( we had Lil'Brian here last year to play in front of a crowd of clueless people in lawn chairs.. that's it )

Thanks.. Glenn

Re: Re: Rosie Ledet Interview

Thanks Braves! I will compile these questions in my interview (these are great so far!) Feel free add more -- and to listen live -- online during that time 4/10/06 @ 9:25PM at knon.org. Thanks again!



Thank you all, very informative thread on reed cost,( hand made versus tipo a mano)and musette sound with 4 reeds box, new trend( drier sound perhaps)etc!.

Thank you all.


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