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Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

Well I'm planning a little trip next month to the crawfish fest. and saw that Horace Trahan will be performing Sat. night. Has anyone seen him lately? I was wondering what kind of music he's playing now in his shows: traditional like his first cd or more along the lines of his "butt thing" cd.

Re: Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

I saw Horace in St. Petersburg Florida a couple of weeks ago. I can say a couple of things about Horace:

1. He's still VERY talented;
2. He's always changing;
3. He plays what he wants, irregardless of what the "messy" people think.

Some people who post on this forum are aware that Horace has always been one of my favorite performers. I hired him and his band to come to Florida in 2001 to play at my husband Mike's 50th birthday party.

At St. Pete, Horace played some traditional Cajun, some of his standard Zydeco numbers, and some new raggae influenced stuff which among other things called for the legalization of marijuana and releasing wrongly accused prisoners from jail. He was playing with a brand new band which featured a sax in a few of the songs.

To be honest, I still think Horace is one of the most talented performers our there, but I personally don't care too much for his new stuff. The music is technically sound and "ok" in my opinion, but I guess I'm getting too old for music with a message ~ especially Louisiana music with a message.

I know that more than a few people in the audience were put off by the political numbers and by his open drinking and smoking on stage. Members of other bands do this, but with a little more finesse ~ not so "in your face."

Guess that Horace has now passed through the "Born Again" phase of his life. One can only wonder where he will go to next.

Re: Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

Horace Trahan is an EXCELLENT cajun musician. He has suffered some type of mental breakdown in recent years. "the butt thing" song, Horace basically gave the rights away to the song. On the drinking and smoking, Horace says it is not what goes in your mouth (liquor, tobacco )that defiles you, it is what comes out.

Re: Re: Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

yea after watching his video "hard pressed but never crushed" it does seems like he has suffered some sort of mental breakdown....alot of confusion with religion especially...which in itself can make you crazy if you let it....its kinda sad to see this though...its like losing another iry lejuene or something...

but i guess as long as he is happy with himself who are we to say what he plays and as he says in the movie "don't worry about horace"...i just wish he make ONE more traditional cd , i've played ossun blues ATLEAST once per day since i got it lol

does anyone know if he recorded that one zydeco song from the movie yet?...i think its called "the foreman" by clifton chenier...love that song.

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