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La Valse D'Evia

I heard this song performed a few years ago by the Red Stick Ramblers with twin fiddles and kinda forgot about it until I recognized it again the other day on the Savoy-Doucet CD Sam's Big Rooster. Unfortunately its one of the only songs on the CD that doesn't have the lyrics written out already for people like me. I can understand almost all of what Anne is singing but there are some words she sings that I've just never heard growing up. Do any of you have the lyrics for this absolutely beautiful song written out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: La Valse D'Evia

Valse d’Evia

‘Gardez donc, cher bébé, quoi c’est y a eu,
Moi j’connais c’était moi qu’étais pas bon.
Ah, chu icitte après mourir dans les (misères)
Par rapport à tout ça moi j’t’ai fait.

Moi j’aimerais te r’voir encore une fois
Z’avant de mourir,
Te demander des pardons pour ça j’t’ai fait.
Moi j’connais ma vie est gaspillée, chère,
Par rapport à tout ça moi j’t’ai fait.

Viens me joindre, cher bébé, j’après m’ennuyer,
J’vas mourir toujours en te regrettant.
J’connais j’vas jamais jongler te revoir,
J’vas mourir avec toi dedans mon cœur.


Line 3 :
- chu = je suis
- (misères) is not the right word, but could do if you don’t recognize the right one either (same number of syllables and ok in the context).

Beautiful waltz ! I love it too.


Re: Re: La Valse D'Evia

Hey Christian,

You're still the man of getting people like me and Jim lyrics. I've actually been trying to get ahold of the lyrics for this song for a pretty good while. I LOVE the Red Stick Ramblers version of this song with just twin fiddles playing harmonies off of each other. In a word, amazing! Thanks again.


Re: Re: Re: La Valse D'Evia

Hi John,

I don't know the Red Stick Ramblers version. I have their first CD and don't like very much. So I did not buy the next ones. But I will try to listen to their version of this waltz.

Speaking about fiddles, have you Cajun fiddle players heard of Dominique Dupuis ?

She is a young and very talented violonist from Acadia. I have just discovered her on TV (on stage with other musicians). She plays great music with such energy and enthusiasm ! I've got to find her recordings.
She will be in Lafayette for the festival this year.


Re: Re: Re: Re: La Valse D'Evia

I've only heard them play that waltz live. But someone got me a version of it on cd somehow. I didn't ask any questions so I'm not sure if its on an actual cd or just something they threw out one time or another. I've never heard of Dominique Dupuis but I might try and catch her when she comes down here this year.

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