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First time sitting in with a real zydeco band!

I've been playing my Larry Miller box for about 2 years now at home and finally got the chance to sit in with the band. My wifes' family had a gathering at Lake Fausse State Park (former host of Balfa Camp) and hired Donna Angelle & the Zydeco Posse to play. My wifes sister worked with Donna. I didn't have my box with me so I got to play her Bb box.

I played Boozoos' Do It Al Night, and threw in about 3 other tunes in the middle of that. Boy I'll tell you, I played the first few bars and when the band kicked in, it was the stuff, like a machine, or letting the horses out of the gate.

I've played along with cd's and have a Zydeco beat on my multitrack program, but playing with a live band tops all that.

I'll be doing a video for one of the songs on her new cd as well. Should be fun.

Re: First time sitting in with a real zydeco band!

Cool, man. Playing live is the most fun. And it usually involves free beers...

Nick B.

Re: First time sitting in with a real zydeco band!

Oh man what a feeling that must have been. It sure is addicting. Now you have to keep on doing it.

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