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Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

Here I am (and have been)screwed up like I don't know what (hogans fainting goat?), wishing I could, while I can't! Huh?
Grab an accordion, push it, pull it, yank it or even throw the blasted thing. Till then, let's talk musical brains! Who's got em?

Right Brain / Left Brain and big ole crainums like Lyle Lovett size! Texas sized!

I may have been robbed a good balance of right brain and left brain capability when I was born.

So perhaps I will blame it on genetics or parents, or whatever. Perhaps I had it, and, it got up ended or lopsided when I fell out'a that dang tree at 10 years of age. Oh I understand there are no guarantees for what ya get in life, never-the-less, I sometimes wish science could fuse a gob of that Lyle Lovett size nugget (what a trophy mount that one is) on my shoulders and tailor it to playing accordion (oh sweet mystery of life)... Come to think of it, he may have gotten my portion back when the ole quartermaster in the sky was dishing things out and assigning roles (we are about the same age) . I want it Lyle! Gimme some’a that gawd dang musical brain! You got more than you need and I got less than I want!

What the heck Nonc, did you loose a screw?
Is your flapper dangling by a thread?
Are your leathers curled?
What the hell is your particular problem privet?
(R Lee Ermy - his younger brother and I are buds, what an actor that guy is, tough as nails, Oooh Raw! Mail Call)
Where was I? (oh yeah)

Mr. Mason, there's no music for you, for a good spell (that was a good spell ago, w/ another 2 wks to go):

Ya see, I have not been able to pick up and play an accordion since 11 November of 05. Did a good number on that left arm (shredded the muscles and messed up the tendons)so I am dealing with accordion withdrawals daily. Lost that calous on my thumb, I was so proud of it, and a gob more. I'm just looking at those sweeties and drumming up goofy thoughts of playing like some sorta accordion god (shaa right), for when I do... or some such thing ... Next time, I may try landing on my gad dang head (and live to tell about it), in hopes it de-fragments that right / left brain shunt that appears cumbersome to me when I do play.
When I do get back to playing, I will get off of this goofiness and work the brain thing.
Pyramid hat (?) hummmmm

Lyle Lovett, you out there? You musical scoundrel, just a bit of that brain.. that's what I'm talking about Lyle, just a bit that's all, give it up!

Ya got that left hand thing doing this and that, and, ya got the right hand doing a gob of other things. If that were not enough, then ya have the tongue wagging thing connected to the overall effect, attempting to sing. Here I am wondering; Is this some type of right brain /left brain test that is controlled by a specific gene pattern among the masses? Shucks I don't know, to be honest just what it is... but it's something!

Practice may be the solution. I don't know if there are enough remaining years on the planet for that one to kick in. So I will just have to learn to be happy doing five or six songs well and gob of others not so well (when I can that is). Singing, well now and then I will just grunt or cut loose with a holler in place of singing, just to remind myself that fainting goats are real, and they are affected by unexpected sounds in funny ways.

Rubber Dubber... anybody ever hear that one?

Well I feel better now that that mess is out of my system.

Hope everyone had a dandy Easter and is full of smelly eggs (another form of music).

Nonc D

Re: Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

Play with your right and keep on keeping on. Many players don't play the left side anyway.

Re: Re: Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

I hear ya, Nonc. I spent a couple of years looking like the dude on the sofa in the Riley Teaser! Then one day I woke up after snoozing on that same sofa and BINGO! Well, Steve didn't show up at the door, but the frogs started working... top & bottom. They kept me from having to tap my feet so much! (add that to multi-tasking of playing and singing!)

Keep at it -- don't let goat of the potato! "baaaah!"


Re: Re: Re: Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

Don't let goat... nah, I hear ya Rick

Say looky here, I was checking out that mosquito site of yours... pretty good. Ms. Linda and I have a couple hatchlings that live over your way ( Ft. Worth and Dallas). Next time we go to visit, I will look you up and we can do a whammy on that accordion business.

I appreciate what ya have going on there.

Nonc Dave

Re: Re: Re: Re: Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

You betcha -- and thanks for the props! And YES! Ms. Christine and I would love to throwdown a BBQ with you, Nonc! Just give us a heads-up. I love your posts in this forum! Heck, I can be as goofy as a wooden wristwatch! Cheers ~~ Rick

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