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Re: Still looking for a Louisiana made Bb...

...as always, I'm grateful for the comments...

For the record, I believe forums like this one help develop markets where, just a few years ago, only those of you who live close to the source knew what was available. Yet today, the vast majority of Louisiana builders do not have web sites or published email addresses.

The easy solution for me would be to call a builder and order a new instrument...but, that does nothing for the player who has a Bb that, for any number of reasons, he or she might want to turn into cash...by 'testing' this forum before I make the phone call to buy a new accordion, I like to think I may have helped someone recover most of their costs for a now little used instrument and I end up with a decent Bb...

Re: Re: Still looking for a Louisiana made Bb...

Yep..agree with David and others...go for a new one with all of the pre and after sales support that goes with it.
I got a ' magic' Bb made by Jude Moreau in Groves, TX.

If you want some photos of it send me an email....I'd stack Judes product up against the best !

Darryl, Australia.

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