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Gig bag or Box

Hey, can anyone recommend any good types of pre-built boxes or gig bag for an accordion. I am looking at Peavey bag that has pull out velcro inserts. I wanted to see what everyone else uses before I order one.

Re: Gig bag or Box

How much are those Peavy gig bags going for these days?

Re: Re: Gig bag or Box

right around $90 or $100

Re: Re: Re: Gig bag or Box

I can remember when those things used to cost around 50 bucks.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Gig bag or Box

go to your local big box store
sporting goods dept
look for 'portable gym locker bags'


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Gig bag or Box

I agree with Larry... I've had an "OGIO" gym locker box for 13 years and it still carries around my "campfire accordion." Right on wle...

-- TBoy

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