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Re: Eagle accordian

Chicago has an excellent Cajun venue and some local bands the are top flight. Find out about Chicago folk festivals this summer as there are a few Cajun dances coming up in the Chicago area.

Re: Re: Eagle accordian

I went through the same thing a good while back. I actually purchased a few old German made "antiques" that were worth nothing more than something cool to look at. In my opinion, do not waste your time and money on an Eagle or anything like that. I lost big time on those types and finally bought a 114. I am grately satisfied with it, and if you were planning on spending around 500, it is a good choice. It is too wet tuned, but you can get by in my opinion. Look out if you try a handmade though, it is a whole nutha world! Looking back, I would have definetly held off awhile and purchased handmade. Check out Savoy music center, Mark has the best price I think on 114's. Welcome and good luck!

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