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It finally happened!

well woke up today and as usual picked up my accordion before going to work to crank out my only 3 tunes i know and somehow my left hand just found its RHYTHM! i been struggling for the last couple of months with my left hand wondering if it would EVER stop being rhythmically challenged...dont know what happened but i'm not gonna ask too many questions...it took me 10 months to get to this hopefully i can learn things alil quicker now lol

btw.. anyone live around panama city beach? i'm heading down there tommorow for 2 weeks...if so..beer and oysters on me for a quick lesson or two

Re: It finally happened!

See? That's what I was telling Nonc. You just sleep on it... and BINGO! You got it Brutha Chad! Congrats. Now you'll feel that groove and give toe tappin' a break! Well no, not really. You'll give your toes sump'm ta tap to. AND, you'll find the right hand licks will come easier. Sweeeet...


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