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Bellows Wear

There are no cajun accordions players where I live. However, I have a freind that plays Irish accordion and they keep telling me to put the accordion on my left leg so as you drawn out the bellows, it does not rub on your leg and cause wear on the bottom of the bellows. Has anyone woren out a bellows by rubbing it on you leg?

Re: Bellows Wear

I too, have no Cajuns where I live, but I either play standing up with a strap, or I rest the treble finger side on my right leg, with the bellows and left hand between my legs. I see no potential for bellows wear.


Re: Re: Bellows Wear

Wear and tear are normal, but there are steps you can take to curb the wear (as Hal aptly put.) It depends, really, if you mostly sit or stand. Standing -- or performing in a band -- is worse for the bellows, imho. Belt buckles as I've noticed are enemies of the bellows. I've learned to put mine on from the side of my hip. Or wear a pair of tight jeans... and sometimes I even play nekkid. In that case, the bellows become MY enemy. Most wear and tear can be "fixed" using a roll of matching bellow tape. I think Elderly Instruments sells such accessories.

I say pull it 'til it pops.

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