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Re: Put the brakes on


I agree with Dwight. The First Act is a ton of fun and a good way to learn basic fingering till the real thing comes along.

It is also fun to watch the look on peoples face when you actually play a tune on what most consider a toy.

Good luck,


Re: Put the brakes on

Mike, I would like to suggest you take a try at the Hohner Ariette. They are only $300 and sound darn nice. That's how I got started and it got me totally hooked. Once you get your first handmade you will definately feel the difference, but for learning I don't think you can beat the Ariette for value. Then once you get your handmade, you have the Ariette for practicing tearing apart and tuning.

just my $.02.


Re: Put the brakes on

Mike, Mike, Mike check one... two... three...

Does this mean you are saying goodbye? Just look at all the giant threads you spun. Thanks for dropping in... "Don Pardo, tell him what he's won.."

"That's right, Bob, Mike is walking away with a BRAND NEW HOHNER!! This fancy black lacquer box in the key of C, with scrolled grill and four-stop power is sure to impress — and that's not all, Mike... you'll be getting the LATEST STEVER RILEY INSTRUCTIONAL DVD!!! Brought to you by our good friends at Almena Films! Good luck and happy pulling!!!"


Re: Re: Put the brakes on

Nah...I'm still here....keeps from actually having to do work at my crummy job !!!!
I really don't like what I do for a living much...and music is a diversion for me.

I actually have to stop myself sometimes though.
I spend most of my free-time teaching myself blues guitar..but I never play out with that either.
Not a lot of confidence to go to the jams. When I get a new idea in my head...i have to act on it NOW.

I just really like the sound of Zydeko accordian. And I figured since I played piano accordian since I was a kid...maybe switching over wouldn't be a giant leap.
( Yeah right !) Every other week or so I pick up my accordian and drive my family nuts by belting out a polka or something.

We were in New Orleans last week, and saw a guy we saw a few years ago .Jimmy Thibodeaux. Great Zydeko sound... and I was hooked again.
I also realized I was lumping Zydeko and Cajun together
( from the Blues Brothers....."We have both kinds of music...Country AND Western ")
I think the sound I am always describing to people that I like most, is definately Zydeko.

So the bottom line is... I have no business buying a new accordian, and I definately don't have time.

So it seems like the perfect thing to do ( HA)

This is a great forum by the way.

Also....someone mentioned in a previous post...that there was a cajun night once a month here in chicago. Turns out its walking distance to my house. So I can go there and pester them next month.
What are the odds of that?

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