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I talked with Danny last night for a while on the phone. Super nice guy.
eally spent a lot of time

I know there is a lot of negative feedback on the hohner arietta boxes. Mostly seems like they are just "hard" to play for a number of different reasons.

Anyway...I think I might buy an arietta from him. He says for about $75 ...he basically takes them apart and makes them very playable.
What he was desribing I have no idea....but he mentioned changing springs and adjusting things to make the feel much better. Basically changing whatever feels sort of cheap and adjusting the buttons to give them a better feel. I think he even changes the strap.
He said I would not be dissappointed and I can use that while he gets to building me a hand-made one.
He's pretty much booked till the end of the summer for new ones which will give me time to save up for it and also decide if this isn't for me.
If I totally suck...( High probability)he said he would have no problem selling the hand-made one we talked about.

Seems like a good way to go.

( By the way...is there a "talent" button or knob on these accordians that you can turn up to play better? I was hoping thats what those four knobs on top would be.I know my wife always wishes my piano accordian had one of those. )

Re: LaCapitaine

What you want a an accordion with a built in CD player. Then you just go through the motions and become an expert player. Just joking!! Actually you just put your accordion by your bed and absorb it by osmoses while listening to cajun music at night.

Re: Re: LaCapitaine

Thats funny about the accordian with the built-in CD player.

Then when I play at a bar...I can have it written into the contract that the lights have to be super-dim.
Don't want anyone to know that my fingers aren't hitting the buttons.

Re: LaCapitaine - Proud for ya !

Mike ...good for you !

Now plant a big ole wet kiss on your wife and tell her you love her... and keep doing that kissing thing often... (it was baby in the morning, baby at night.. but you don't call me baby anymore...ha) you'll need that re-enforcement when that box gets to squawking and she starts to ranting. If she starts talking about going to BINGO, love her up and get her a fiddle, trust me on this one... Ha

Re: that tallent button thing..

Nah..That has not been perfected just yet....

I do have have a pair of suck meters (basset hounds)that howl when it's not right...otherwise, when it sounds good they roll their eyes and go to sleep.

Sounds like you have a plan going on Mike, I am proud for you. When you are ready, shout it out. Dr. Gene, sent me an email (after we conjoured him up)and he can help you through some of the rough spots as a beginner (he is in your area).

Start working on your CD collection and fill your nugget with the music over and over.... and over and over.

Nonc D

Re: 'le Capitaine'


Danny is a great guy, a man of his word. He has done some repair and tuning work for me in the past on my 'Lee Begnaud' "c" box. Outstanding quality, timely and fair priced.

While I have no experience with his 'hopped-up' Arriette; I did start out with an Arriette. The mods you described will make it a nicer instrument.

Now do as Nonc and others have said. Start saving those coins for the handmade from Danny!


Re: Re: 'le Capitaine'

So how long does it take to be great on these things?
couple weeks at least right?


Re: Re: Re: 'le Capitaine'

A 'society' lady once heard the great Enrico Caruso in concert. Afterwards, she was back stage with many other opera groupies. She gushed praise on the great singer and said, "Oh, if only I could sing like you. I would give my life to do so!"

He responded by saying, " Ah dear madaam, you don't realize that I have."

Mike, their are a lot of 20 year over-night wonders playing these boxes. Fortunately the really good players still don't mind sharing tips and techniques with a sausage-finger guy like me.


PS Thanks to all the pro's that stop by here and encourage all us 'wannabee's and groupies.

Re: LaCapitaine

I'm quite happy with my Le Capitaine! You won't be disappointed if you have Danny build one for you. Worth the money, worth the wait.

Re: Re: LaCapitaine

I second what Craig said. Yoyr making a good choice, & Danny is a great guy. Remember, hand made accordions will hold their value. Best wishes, Tommee

Re: Re: Re: LaCapitaine

Don't want to make your choice harder but I have been satisfied with my Acadian, Bon Tite Cajun, Cajun, Master,Mouton,and Martin plus one built by Elton Doucet. Now I don't still own them all but have had all of them at one time or another. Now make a choice. You really cain't go wrong.

Re: LaCapitaine

There are many fine builders to choose from. I happen to operate a small violin/guitar shop on the side and Danny does fine guitar work along with accordions. I felt a connection so I went with him. All handmade boxes hold their value. Save up and buy one.

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