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Re: Re: Re: Re: Bon Tee Cajun & Coca Cola

I've been a follower of prices on used and new boxes for some years now.. I predict that new boxes will top the $2,000 mark within the next 5 years... used boxes will ( like Andy mentioned ) follow closely behind .. maybe $100 or $200 less. The make will be critical. Martins, Falcons, Millers, Acadians ( and many others we all know of ) will hold value and others only a hundred or two hundred bucks behind the price of a new box. Reed quality and wear will count heavily on value.. .. eBay is not a good judge of value..as it is a global pawn shop of sorts. Bargains can be found, but rarely is an instrument sold at its actual worth.

Older, minty, well played boxes are going to be sought after.. not necessarily brand new ones or beat up vintage brand name ones, and they will command nearly the same price as new ones.

We will all get pickier.. and wood,detailing, buttons will figure more in establishing value of used accordions than just brand name.

Just my perspective.. G.

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