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Re: zydeco suggestions

Old school or nouveau zydeco? Cajun box, triple-row or piano accordion style?

Even zydeco has its own sub-genres.

The top 10 discs that I think are quintessetial in the overall genre of zydeco are: (Not in any particular order)

1. Beau Jocque - "Beau Jocque Boogie"
2. Clifton Chenier - "I'm The Zydeco Man"
3. Boozoo Chavis - "Lake Charles Atomic Bomb"
4. Keith Frank - "Get On Boy"
5. Travis Matte - "Zydeco Train"
6. Zydeco Force - "Shaggy Dog 2 Step"
7. J.Paul Jr. - "Diary Of A Zydeco Rebel"
8. Chris Ardoin - "Sweat"
9. Step Rideau - "I'm So Glad"
10. Rosie Ledet - "Pick It Up"

With this selection of releases, you'd see where zydeco came from and where it is going.


not 'lake charles atomic bomb' please..

i would agree with mr rick except for this one

3. Boozoo Chavis - "Lake Charles Atomic Bomb"

this is the worst, weirdest boozoo album
in history - the absolute last boozoo record
you would want

it;s really not zydeco
he had a studio band forced on him by
the producer, that did not
know anything about his music

seriously, it;s more like 'boozoo vs the band'
instead of them playing with him

anyway, get anything else by him and you will
be fine

i like 'Johnnie Billy Goat'
it;s kind of a greatest hits

or 'live at habibi temple'

or my favorite 'hey do right!'

4. Keith Frank - "Get On Boy"

or the greatest live zydeco cd ever
'keith frank live at slim;s y-ki-ki'


Re: not 'lake charles atomic bomb' please..

"Lake Charles Atomic Bomb" is a rather interesting recording. More bluesy than zydeco, imho. I guess I suggested it, not because I love it, but the fact that it is historical -- a real pioneering effort recorded way back in the 50's -- by [the guy] who really invented "nouveau zydeco." It features the original version of "Paper In My Shoe" which is perhaps the most famous zydeco tune ever, right behind Rockin' Sydney's, "Toot Toot."

I concur, "Hey Do It Right" is by far a better example of Boozoo's work. "Live At The Habibi" is the disc I'd recommend to anyone wanting to learn the frottoir, as it is the most prominent "rubboard recording" out there.

My favorite Keith Frank recording is your favorite as well, "Live at Slim's Y-Ki-Ki." My favorite Keith Frank tune has got to be "Maymel" from that live disc. My recommendation of "Get On Boy" is based on Keith's ability to groove on a Cajun accordion like no one else. It is perhaps one of the oddest recordings by Keith Frank (or any zydeco act) because of the sound of his accordion. It almost resembles a barritone sax on this disc.

Keith had one release prior to Get On Boy, but it is way out of print and was only available on cassette. It was entitled, "Keith Frank & The Soileau Zydeco Band." It too, had the unique staccato accordion sound. His third release, "What's His Name" introduces Keith's present-day sound, with a mixture of Cajun accordion and triple-row tunes, with a more diverse "pop-style" formulation of tunes.

Gahd! I love me some zydeco!


keith frank live at slim's y-ki-ki - YES!!!

If I could have only one zydeco CD, "Live at Slims' would be the one.

"Lake Charles Atomic Bomb" - uh-uh, nope. That would be pretty far down on the list. But I agree that there is some historical interest there.


Re: zydeco suggestions

May I suggest that you check out www.kbon.com. Click on listen live. A few weeks of listening regularly should give you a pretty good idea of what you like.

Re: Re: zydeco suggestions

I just ordered a clifton chenier DVD .
I'm interested to see how he plays it on the piano accordian.

Re: Re: Re: zydeco suggestions

he plays it pretty well..



Re: Re: zydeco suggestions

Tommee's suggestion of KBON is a fine one, I'm listening to them now, but let me add that www.krvs.org has some excellent programming on Saturday and Sunday mornings (from 7 until noon). Saturday is more Zydeco oriented while Sunday is more Cajun.
By the way, I was intrigued by the idea of Danny Dyson hot-rodding your Ariette. Maybe when I visit La. next week I'll see what he can do with my 114.

Re: Re: Re: zydeco suggestions

i recommend going to www.emusic.com and joining up and downloading 3 to 5 cd's(90 songs) per month for $20....i think the free trail is 25 songs....tons of zydeco and cajun music....

Re: Re: Re: zydeco suggestions

You know...since I'm even less than a beginner...I wasn't even sure what he was talking about in terms of the adjustments he would make. But I told him I had read a lot of bad reviews about how bad the arriettes can be. So I was a little hesitant.
He said he can definately make them "play" ( I won't know the difference because I don't have a stock one )

Pretty nice guy

Re: Re: Re: zydeco suggestions

...and not to toot my own horn, but you can listen to my "Louisiana Music Party" on KNON 89.3 FM, Dallas every Monday night from 9 PM to 10 PM. I spin mostly nouveau zydeco and have been doing it for 17 years. I know it's only one hour a week, but it sure adds up! Listen live at knon.org.


Re: zydeco suggestions

... for some triple row buttom accordion talent look to Andrè Thierry, Chris Ardoin, Zydeco Joe and Roy Carrier just to name a few.


Re: zydeco suggestions

wow..noone has mentioned Horace Trahan's " dat butt thing" CD.....this is a must have zydeco cd.

horace butt thang

that;s a good un



Beau Jocque Live at Habibi Temple is a must have.
Anything that Chris Ardoin has out. "Gon be Just Fine" with Lake Charles Connection on it is what the new sound is all about IMHO.
Hey Rick, I'll be tuning in tomorrow night.

The Kingdom of Zydeco (1994)

Beau Jocque Live at Habibi Temple is a must have.
--it;s actually called
"Give Him Cornbread ~
Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers Live"

but it was recorded at the habibi temple
the same night as boozoo's
'live at the habibi temple'

they were doing a 'zydeco shootout' for a movie
which i think is called 'the kingdom of zydeco'


i think it;s unavailable commercially


The Kingdom of Zydeco (1994)
Poster Not Submitted Directed by
Robert Mugge

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Genre: Documentary (more)

User Rating: awaiting 5 votes. Vote Here

Credited cast:
Boozoo Chavis
Beau Jocque

Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color

Re: Zydeco

I'll send one out to "Johnny ACE!" tonight!

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