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Re: Re: Re: Re: Castiglione

Yep! That's him.

Re: first timer/ Hohner 114

Hi Mike,
I have a Hohner 114, used, key of C, 4 stops. I have $300.oo in it, & I'd let it go for that + shipping. I think you've got pretty good feedback here concerning the 114, it's strengths & weaknesses. FYI, if I sell it, it will be to begin raising some $ towards another Louisianna hand made. I have enjoyed playing it & find it very playable, but it is not a Louisianna hand made. I play a "le Capitaine" made by Danny Dyson, in the key of D. I'd like to get a Bb box sometime. I mention it here as another option for you, not saying that it's what you should get. Get all the information you can and make the decision you feel best with. If you want some more information about his box, feel free to e mail me. Best wishes & good luck. Tommee

price incrementalism


Point #1. The $750 price in Detroit for an unknown manufacturer's 'house' brand is just short of the ~$900 for a quality hand built LA box from a guy like Danny Dyson and the le Capitaine brand.

Point #2. Think 'pawn shops.' Every pawn broker in LA has low-to-high quality used boxes for sale. Prices on my last visit for locally made boxes started at $350 for a 'beater' to $800 for a great second-hand box. Call around...

Point #3. eBay, yeah a risk--but Jim Pettijohn on this board has posted a couple of audio clips on a Chinese factory job that didn't sound bad. I think he also said it set him back about $160 plus shipping for a new box.

Point #4. Decide the maximum you can spend-- and don't let anything else confuse the spending plan by nudging your price higher. Avoid 'paralysis from analysis.' Do something...

Point #5... there ain't no point 5.


Re: price incrementalism

Yeah...good post.
I have to put the breaks on sometimes. I wish I was in LA ...but thats not possible...
Its hard because you don't want to buy junk or something that will hold you back later...but you can nudge yourself up $100-$200 at a time till you're way higher than you ever intended on spending.

I learned from guitar..that you get what you pay for . But there are also guitar "geeks" that play $2,000 instrumentts that are only average players. You can always spend more money.
Wish gas wasn't so expensive right now.
Id drive around down there . Probobly be an interesting trip. I think its about 1,200 miles form me.
But at $320 a gallon...its not cheap to take road trips anymore

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