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The Family That Plays Togeth Stay Together

My wife, to my astonishment, picked up my C Acadian a couple of months ago and has learned a one finger version of Danse de Mardi Gras in A minor. Like me, she had never before played a musical instrument prior to picking up the accordion. I'm currently teaching her how to play octaves. I'm seriously thinking about getting a guitar and learning to play chords so that I can accompany her. How ironic that an Irish/Bohunk (Czech) from Omaha would reconnect a gal of Cajun descent (she's a Blanchard who grew up in New Orleans) with her Louisiana French roots (several of her aunts and uncles in New Orleans had grown up speaking French in the Donaldsonville area). Who knows, this may be the beginning of the Blanchard-Kunasek Family Band.

Steve in Omaha

Re: The Family That Plays Togeth Stay Together

Honey, does this accordion make me look fat?

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