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Re: Re: Crawfish Kings

we played with these guys when we were in finland. it was a surreal venue, european holiday inn. we are traditional Cajun, mellow....fiddle and guitar and beautiful vocal harmonies. they are gritty and wonderful, rock and rollers.....somehow the promoter lumped us together to lead a jam session. which translated into english, meant jam together. and nobody in the bar had any idea what this music was about. it was something out of a fellini movie. the accordion player kept yelling over to us, "the next song is in the key of rrrrrrrrrrr". huh? it was incredible. 3am, and still jetlagged. wish there were some photos.....

p.s., irrelevant correlation and other irrelevant stuff

Not that there is any significance to it, but by coincidence, my Grandfather Tony Makie immigrated from Finland to the US in the 1920's.

I did not know him very well, as he died when I was very young. But, even though I have brown eyes and brown hair, I have his recessive genes for blue eyes and blond hair, which I see in my 12 year old daughter Rebecca.

It's a shame, but I know next to nothing of my Finnish heritage.


Re: Re: Re: Crawfish Kings

There are some photos:

The photos with Cleomas Ghost begins at page 4.

Regards !


Re: Re: Re: Re: Crawfish Kings

hey gunnar, were you there? those pics bring back some great memories. we had played 3 other gigs that day, it was a whirlwind. the next day at the pori folk festival outside stage, we followed finland's most popular rock and roll act? what the heck? i think it was a noise ordinance thing.....the loud rock and roll act had to be off the stage by 10pm. better to send the acoustic cajun music kids out to satisfy the rock and roll masses...
as we got ready to go on, after 100s of people are dancing in the aisles and singing along.....i turned to the sound guy and said, "we are going to do a magic trick.....watch, when we get on stage, we will make all the people disappear"
and that's just what happened.....

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Crawfish Kings

Hi Roger !
No I wasn't there at the Pori festival, though I've been in Turku on cruises several times. I live in Sweden at the opposite shore of the Baltic. I browsed the Crawfish King's photos a few days ago, and thought it ought to be some from your jam session.

I sounds as the Finnish festival managers did a bad job in making the festival program. An acoustic Cajun Band after a Rock n'Roll band !

I play accordion and guitar in the swedish Boiling Bayou Cajun Band. (http://boilingbayou.tripod.com).
Please drop me an email if you ever come to this part of the world again.


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