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Festival International and Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

My wife, sister-in-law and I are heading down to Louisiana to attend the Festival International and the Breaux Bridge Crawsfish Festival. We'll be staying with friends in Breaux Bridge most of the trip. We'll also spend a couple of nights in New Orleans visiting family and friends.

I'll be dropping off my Acadians at the Savoy Music Center on Thursday to be cleaned and tuned for the first time in their lives (a wet tuned 1999 D and a wet tuned 2000 C).

The skinny, medium height (5'9") guy with the short red and gray beard, panama hat and red Chuck Taylors is yours truly. The petite gal with long black hair streaked with silver is my wife, Candie Blanchard.

Steven Kunasek
Omaha, Nebraska

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