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London File Gumbo May 5

Hi !

Anyone from London UK reading this forum ? I will travel from Sweden to London next week and are planning to go to the Filé Gumbo club on friday May 5, to listen to Zigzag. If anyone are planning to go there too, it would be great to meet.

I play accordion and guitar in the swedish Boiling Bayou Cajun Band ( http://boilingbayou.tripod.com)


Re: London File Gumbo May 5

Cool. So which one were you in the video?

And you certainly play the right accordion. Got one me own self.

Re: Re: London File Gumbo May 5

Thank you Dwight !

I'm the one that plays accordion and sing. The Bon Tee was my first cajun accordion, wich I love to play though it doesn't have the volume of my Acadian and Martin.

The gig was in a barn in May in Sweden and it was very cold, as you can see by our clothing.

Re: Re: Re: London File Gumbo May 5

What color is your box in normal light? I'm suspecting the color was shifted due to the lighting available?

Its interesting to see cajun music performed, and people dancing, so far away from the home ground.

Re: Re: Re: London File Gumbo May 5

Some accordions within the same brand don't have the same volumn. Some are louder than others but just turn up the amps and you will be ok.

Re: London File Gumbo May 5

Gunnar! I Enjoyed your website, video and tunes! Great band! Keep it up, brutha!

SaaaaaLUTE!!! RR

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