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Sorry...i know its not a travel forum

Hey guys...I know I keep posting non-accordian stuff.
I apologize.
I know it doesn't make any sense ...but Id sort of like to see it down there in the summer.
Seems like its about a 50-50 split on people thinking its a dumb/smart idea to go in July.

Do you have to bring your own surfboard in case the hurricans come again?

Re: Sorry...i know its not a travel forum

Try this and there are " MANY" other sites to help you


Re: Sorry...i know its not a travel forum

I was down the week of Mardi Gras and it was gorgious. Landed in cold and snow when I went back home. But even if the weather had been miserable, I didn't go for the weather. Spent my childhood in Charleston SC, where the heat and humidity rule the summer and people apologize for the cold weather in Feb. if the temp drops below 65. Remember running barefoot all the time, and leaving footprints in the tar when I crossed the street. Then moved north where ice formed on the inside of my bedroom window in the winter. So for me, La in July isn't an issue. La anytime would be just fine. But that's just me. Have fun!

Re: Re: Sorry...i know its not a travel forum

Sam Clemens (Steam Boat Mark) once wrote:

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

Burrrrr he's not wrong.

Then again....As for heat... I have seen farmers feed chickens crushed ice, just to keep em from laying hard boiled eggs. The trees were were whistling for the dogs at one point.

Re: Re: Re: Sorry...i know its not a travel forum


Speaking of dogs !!!!!.

Seriously though, do not take your dog(s)on vacation ( where the sun, melts the street surfaces like tar,without protection for their feet),otherwise
yer pooches won't loose their "abnormaly" long ears , but will be minus their paws.
Get them some special dog foot wear for hot surfaces like sand and tar, or else , sleep the all day, and party all night.

No, I'm not kidding!!!.


So hot in LA one day that I saw cows freeze to death...

see they were all standing next to a field of corn hoping to get a little breeze. The sun was so hot it made the corn pop. The hoped-for breeze carried the popped corn over the cows heads. They are so stupid, they thought the popped corn was snow and just stood there and froze to death.


PS: Seriously it really happened that way, honest, you have my word as a salesman.

Re: Sorry...i know its not a travel forum

Guy there are no apologize needed. But at some time or other you have too decide. Now having said that, people are not dying in the street from the heat. Summer is a good time to go to Louisiana. Go and enjoy

Re: Re: Sorry...i know its not a travel forum

A wind surf board might be better during a hurricane. Get to see more of the state on the fly

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