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Re: Some things they don't tell ya - Nonc Do!



Re: Re: A road less traveled - all the differance in you know what

I listen to NPR at breakfast as well as on my 30-45 minute drive to and from work every day. There has hardly been a day when Katrina wasn't mentioned -- they are constantly running stories about people's individual stories, too, which has kept it really "human" for me even though I'm so far away (VT). There have been some cases over the last few months where NPR news reunited people who had been separated through evacuation. I'm with you 100% on being frustrated with that CNN poll, but to me it also shows that you are in poor company indeed with CNN viewers. It's not just the Katrina business, whenever I watch CNN (admittedly probably a year ago now) I get the impression that it is news for the instant gratification crowd, and that's depressing. So try a different news source, maybe something that isn't as slick. NPR is certainly for people with longer attention spans -- no pretty pictures!

Re: off-accordian subject

For the record, since Mardi Gras 2006 at least 9 more Hurricane Katrina victims bodies have been recovered in New Orleans. Now Jazz Fest is here. Disgusting. The plan now is to look for bodies in the process of demolition. Welcome to the great state of Louisiana tourists. A better place to visit than New Orleans would be Opelousas, Breaux Bridge, Mcgees Landing in Henderson and Eunice. www.mcgeeslanding.com

Re: Re: off-accordian subject

Well yea,! I agree. But, if you live here you hope that the rest of the country doesn't forget about you. Right now it ain't all fun. After 9 months things are still pretty devestated. It ain't back to normal fur sure. So you'll come down and enjoy what you can. CDM is open and the coffee is hot. The few bucks you spend will help.

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