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Balfa Heritage Week

Howdy Braves!

I'm writing from our hotel room
in Ville Platte, LA.

Just wanted to let everyone know
what a great time Balfa Heritage Week
is this year!

Wish y'all were here!


Re: Balfa Heritage Week

Sorry I missed you, Bud. I went on Saturday with a friend who is just learning accordion. We stayed at the Jam tent most of the time, then caught some workshops with Steve Riley, Al Berard and Dirk Powell.

Re: Re: Balfa Heritage Week

Hi Ganey!

Good to hear from y'all!

We arrived late Saturday afternoon, so
we probably just missed you, dag nab it!

Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Please keep us updated on your musical



Re: Re: Re: Balfa Heritage Week

Will do. Graduation is in two weeks and two weeks after that, I am free to get busy with it. I will keep you updated.

Congradulations Ganey!

Graduation in 2 weeks! As I recall, we're talking Master's degree! Quite an acomplishment! Best wishes! ----Tommee

Just got back... (happy and tired...)

Just got back to Halifax, Nova Scotia. My flight was delayed from Houston to New York, and I missed my connection. I had stay in NY last night.
Wow, what a great week this was!
My head is filled with different sounds and my hands do different twists and techniques on the accordion.
I hope I can maintain that momemtum. We finished the camp with a memorable night at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette. I will need a full week to recoup the lack of sleep during this crazy (one of the best vacation in my life). This camp was worth every penny.
In turns of constructive feedback, I would that the organizers think of a system to allow more accordion players to participate in jams. Since only one accordion would play at a time while there can be as many fiddles at the same time, I found that it was always the same accordion players playing. This was unfair to beginner and intermediate (or more advance players who are less assertive in coming forward). In future years, the camp organizers should promote a system whereby several players can be participating at the same time. It could be that they alternate and do one song at a time. My overall appreciation is Two thumbs up!!. The food was great, nice weather, fantastic bands, the best of instructors, a whole bunch of fine people to meet (other participants).
I hope to go back next year.

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