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Re: Re: Re: A-Phlat?

Hmmm. Fiddlers tend to tune down a whole step to play with a C box, playing as if it was D and A. An Ab box means you'd only tune down a halp step, playing as if it was A or E. A is a natural, and E lends itself to some pretty bluesy type stuff. It's crazy enough it just might work

Re: Re: Re: Re: A-Phlat?

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have an Ab... yet. I have an A -- and a G. The G is a great key for me, vocally. When I pick it up, my guitarist knows the tune will be in the key of D. Chris Ardoin's box sound on his first few discs was enough to convince me that a G accordion was cool. The only downside to boxes in this low range is that they can sound a bit a muddy. Throw in an internal mic and you've got one grungy rock and roll accordion -- a sound that would leave most Cajun purists looking for earplugs and the power switch. A few weekends ago when Rosie Ledet came through town, she let me play with her G box. (get yer minds out of the gutters...) Seriously, she has a beautiful 9-button Bon Tee Cajun. Black with red hardware and engraving, in the key of G. It was a treat to play. Beautiful box for a beautiful artist!

Again, thanks for the A-flat comments!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A-Phlat?

Was Rosie's a high G or low G?
Larry Miller used to have this high G 9 button box around his shop for some time.
It was an absolute screamer!

All heads would turn when playing just a few notes.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A-Phlat?

Rosie's 9-button is a low G. It sure is a pretty one. Larry did a really nice job on it. Moreover, Rosie is a really nice gal.

I think Pat Savant has a Bon Tee with the same black with red harware color scheme, but his is a 10 button. Man-o-man... You wanna talk about some trippy accordions... Pat Savant has had the most bizarre color schemes EVER. Even Sydney Brown made him a blue one back in the 60's that would even make Jim Pettijohn (bravenet radioactive Hohner dude) blush. Just look at the gallery on his web site... holy catfish! http://www.cajuntwist.com/

I'd like to hear a high G. I'll bet you're right, DP, that would be very unique in the realm of C&Z. I can't think of anyone who has recorded with one. If anyone *has*, it would probably be Jo-el Sonnier. The highest-octane-octave I'm familiar with is Wayne Toups, who has a high F. Sometimes I can hit a high F... but only when I'm full of cheap beer, red beans and rice and in a hot shower. Poo-yaie!


Guitar players and A-Phlat? - tell them to suck it up!

I sat in with Geno's band once, and his accordion was an Ab. Obviously, the band didn't have a problem with it!

If a guitar were to complain about playing in Ab, my response would be to tell them to suck it up!


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